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Paula Baldwin Dowd 

Head of Marketing and Communications

Community Care Options

"It takes a certain type of person to be able to work with people living with disability, the aged and those with mental Illness. A certain sensitivity, empathetic nature and relaxed demeanor were critical traits we needed to see in the film maker we chose to shoot our latest suite of films. 


Kelly Stoner from Little Story Films was our first choice. We had seen Kell’s work over the years and knew she has a remarkable talent for collaborating with sometimes vulnerable people to give them a voice in sharing their story. Disclosure, saying you are different to other people is often quite confronting however Kell extracts the essence of the storyline with sensitivity and care. I am yet to see a film participant who has not immediately trusted the process Kell guides them through.


In short Kell’s eye for detail, her interest in the subject matter, manner with film participants and problem solving skills combine to produce outstanding results each time."


Laetitia Shepherd

Head of Marketing and Communications

NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art)

"NIDA hired Little Story Films to produce new videos for their suite of Higher Education courses. Kelly’s immediate and deep understanding of the NIDA voice and brand was second to none.


A rigorous project manager, she communicated clearly and regularly about next steps and ensured that deadlines were met at every step of the way.


Her background as a journalist meant she was able to lead stimulating conversations with interviewees, which resulted in powerful testimonials.


Internally, the stakeholders were all impressed by the final videos, which beautifully capture the passion and creativity of the NIDA learning experience."


Renee Robson

Head of Communications

Bloom Hearing and Widex

"Kelly created 4 videos for our company and they ended up being beautiful - I've never had short films received so well by our staff. Kelly got the best out of everyone involved."


Faye Worner

Chief Executive Officer

Waminda – South Coast Women’s Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation

"We have worked with Kelly Stoner and Little Story films over the past couple of years and have co-produced some amazing, impactful pieces of work, it has been a highly worthwhile experience – thoroughly recommend Kelly."


Kevin Doye

Founder and Owner, Kombu Wholefoods

"It has been a pleasure working with Kell and her team. She has produced two fantastic films for us - and the process to get there was intuitive, smooth and relatively pain free! Kell is a great film maker who puts heart and soul into the productions. Absolutely recommend."


Clayton Colmer

Director at Tallowwood Environment & Engineering

"An exceptional film maker with a perceptive insight into the delicate nuances of humanity that is revealed and shared through heart warming and colourful moving images."


Jenny Beatson 

Wildlife Carer filmed for Community Care Options

"The team were so gentle in their approach, and so positive in her interactions with us that we both relaxed immediately into the interview process. The resultant film segment was beautifully shot, and thanks to Kell's skilful interview technique, we both came across well. I would highly recommend the team as a sensitive and skilled  film technicians."


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